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Quota attainment

What is quota attainment?

Quota attainment is a key performance indicator that compares realized outputs with their previously set targets at the business, team or personal levels. It is usually tracked for important top line metrics, primarily annual recurring revenue (ARR) and its components including new ARR, renewal ARR and expansion ARR. The specific quota type depends on the department and role for which it is set such as Sales, marketing or customer success.

Why is quota attainment important to measure?

The quota attainment metric is essential for evaluating the performance and outputs of the company’s revenue operations, from specific regions or departments down to the team and individual contributor level.

Revenue leaders and managers make frequent use of this metric to monitor, diagnose and improve the effectiveness of their reports. It can be useful in a variety of different use-cases including assessing the ramp time of new salespeople, focusing attention and support for underperforming teams, and identifying high-performers so that their work processes can be emulated by others.

How is quota attainment calculated?

At its heart, quota attainment is a simple comparison of set targets (quota) and the results achieved in pursuit of that goal (attainment). Regardless of the type of quota, there are several options for calculating this metric with the overall quota attainment metric displaying the different measurement types side by side, for easier comparison of teams and individuals across the various reference frames (Full Year, YTD and LTM).

  • Quota attainment, full year - Compares the realized outputs within a year to that year’s full quota.
  • Quota attainment, year-to-date (YTD) - Compares the realized outputs within a year to the proportional quota expected at that date (i.e. by mid-year the YTD quota is half of the Full Year quota).
  • Quota attainment, last 12 Months (LTM) - Compares the realized outputs over the last 12 months (LTM) to the summary quota for that period across fiscal years.
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Measure how your Sales Team Achieves their Assigned Quotas for every Period.

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Measure how your Sales Team Achieves their Assigned Quotas for every Period.
Quota attainment

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Quota attainment is only one of the hundreds of SaaS metrics that are available out-of-the-box to users of the Sightfull revenue analysis and optimization platform. They include all the critical metrics required for SaaS companies - from indicators regarding campaigns and leads, through those that track pipeline, conversion and bookings, and all the way to later signals such as retention and expansion.

These highly precise customizable metrics are automatically calculated based on a large repository of SaaS industry standards, best practices and benchmarks. This saves lots of time for RevOps teams since they don’t have to rely on data analysts for support, waste time on error-prone spreadsheets, or manually create and update dozens of reports.

Sightfull users also receive dozens of pre-built dashboards based on these metrics, enabling them to easily investigate revenue trends at a highly granular level, identify their root causes, and act on proactive insights regarding time-sensitive business issues. 

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