Improve the efficiency of your marketing in real-time

Make smarter decisions by discovering exactly how your marketing activities affect revenue flows across the GTM organization.

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Measure your impact across the GTM chain

By connecting the marketing funnel to company-wide GTM data, you can drive strategy by determining the department’s impact across multiple business dimensions including regions, industries, segments and products.

Which types of leads are progressing fastest along the funnel?
How are specific accounts (ABM) progressing through the funnel?
Which regions are not doing as well in terms of lead conversion rates?
How do marketing leads impact retention rates for specific products?
Marketing funnel progression rate
Marketing funnel by cohort
ABM cohort movement

Enhance the development of your lead funnel

Analyze and track the robustness of your lead funnel overall, per stage and per cohort. Quickly identify which marketing activities have created growth opportunities for the company and which ones have held you back.

Are we creating enough strong leads to reach our annual targets?
How did conversion rates change by stage over the past year?
What regions should we focus on to shorten the lead cycle?
How long does it take to process SMB leads from MQL to opportunity?
Lead funnel 
Average lead cycle length
Duration in lead stage

Evaluate campaign performance and ROI

Explore campaign, lead source and channel performance for each region, industry, product and segment. Discover exactly what is and isn’t effective, and how you should allocate resources in order to maximize ROI.

What is our ROI for each campaign over the last 2 quarters?
Which campaigns performed the best in each region last year?
Which channel should we invest in to win the enterprise segment?
Campaign ROI
Campaign opportunities
Campaign win rate

Build plans based on accurate attribution results

Gain an in-depth understanding of how specific campaigns influence engagement levels and revenue targets, attributed based on direct and multi-touch attribution models.

Which campaigns had the most influence on bookings?
Which touch points had the least impact on pipeline development?
How many won deals are attributed to paid campaigns on first touch?
Campaign contribution to bookings
Campaign contribution to pipeline
Opportunity touchpoints
Take control of your business data.
Make the right strategic decisions.