Your centralized metric platform for reporting and analytics

Sightfull is the unified platform for all your organization's metric-centric analysis needs, bridging the gap between data and business teams
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Empower business with GenAI-supported Metrics Layer

Enhance Self-Service Analysis

Enable Self-Service Analytics

Allow all users easy access to explore and understand metrics.

Metric Depth Beyond Visuals

Metric Depth
Beyond Visuals

Experience analytics with our metric layer, surpassing conventional visualization

Streamline Report Creation

Streamline Report Creation

Start quickly with pre-built, fully customizable templates

Smart Decisions Made Simple

Achieve More
with Less

Access comprehensive business metrics without a large analytics team

Enable a data-driven culture across your organization.
Gain full pipeline and funnel visibility and analyze conversion rates.
Revenue Operations
Data Team
Manage a catalog of approved metrics, ensuring accuracy and consistency in your data analysis.
Data Team
Marketing Ops
Connect marketing to revenue, optimize spending, and gain deeper campaign insights.
Marketing Ops
Automate consistent board and market reporting and ensure continuous monitoring.
Your data becomes more complex as you scale.
Make sure your analysis and reporting can keep up.
Instant Results
Instant Results

A few clicks will get you fully up and running, from implementation to results.


Connect with ease
Connect with ease

Can easily integrate into your BI tech stack or standalone

No code required
No code required

Sightfull is built for business users, no coding or special tech skills required.

Take control of your business data.
Make the right strategic decisions.