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Driving SaaS revenue at scale was never easy.
And it’s even more difficult these days.
This is where Sightfull comes in!

Easily analyze
your revenue data and metrics in real-time


Rapidly identify
all bottlenecks and
growth opportunities


Efficiently boost
performance from
leads to renewals

Trusted by the fastest growing SaaS companies.


The first fully automated revenue analysis platform.

Improve operational efficiency

across your lead funnel, sales pipeline and retention path

Optimize your
GTM plans

to ensure revenue efficiency with real-time insights

Increase sales performance

with real-time data views and forecasting capabilities

Boost marketing results and ROI

by connecting the entire GTM flow for clear attribution

Your GTM plans become more complex as you scale.
Make sure your analysis and reporting can keep up.
Ready out of the box
Ready out of the box

Hundreds of metrics and dozens 
of dashboards. All customizable 
or you can build your own!

Smart GTM analysis
Smart GTM analysis

Actionable insights show you 
exactly which GTM plans are 
working (and which aren't...)

DIY revenue edition
DIY revenue edition

Designed for business users.
Get all the answers you need
in minutes without any help.

Act before it’s too late
Immediate results

See clear value right away 
following a rapid one-click 
no-code deployment process.

Designed for the entire SaaS revenue organization.
Scale and accelerate reporting processes by enabling business users to analyze revenue data on their own.
Revenue Operations
Revenue Leaders
Quickly gain real-time visibility and actionable performance insights across the entire go-to-market funnel.
Revenue leaders
Finance Team
Leverage automated data analysis that ensures both accurate results and streamlined decision making.
Finance Team
Executive Team
Make sure everyone is on the same page with a deep understanding of all GTM levers for planning processes.
Executive team
Give your revenue teams