ABM Funnel

Visualize your Account-Based Marketing (ABM) funnel from first lead to won

Business questions

This template addresses the following:
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    How many accounts entered each stage of the funnel over time?
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    How many accounts are currently in each stage of the ABM funnel?
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    Over time, how many accounts have progressed to each stage of the ABM funnel?
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    How does the current stage distribution of accounts compare to previous periods?

Template description

Why you should use the ABM Funnel template

Navigating the complexities of Account-Based Marketing (ABM) requires a strategic approach to understand and optimize each stage of the funnel. The ABM Funnel Template offers a clear roadmap for:

  • Track account progression: Understand at a glance how accounts move through your marketing and sales funnel stages.
  • Identify bottlenecks: Pinpoint stages in the funnel where accounts tend to stall or drop off, enabling targeted improvement efforts.
  • Measure engagement and interest: Gauge the effectiveness of your account-based marketing strategies by the volume and movement of accounts through the funnel.
  • Optimize marketing and sales alignment: Ensure that marketing and sales efforts are closely coordinated by monitoring the same funnel stages.

Who is this template for

The ABM Funnel template is an invaluable tool for:

  1. Marketing Leaders seeking to optimize ABM strategies and align marketing efforts with sales objectives.
  2. Sales Directors aiming to focus on high-value accounts and streamline the sales process within the ABM framework.
  3. ABM Specialists tasked with the execution and analysis of ABM campaigns, needing a detailed view of account progression.

Key Benefits

  • Strategic Insight: Gain a comprehensive understanding of your ABM funnel's effectiveness and where accounts engage most.
  • Increased Efficiency: Identify bottlenecks and optimize your marketing and sales efforts to improve funnel progression.
  • Account Prioritization: Focus on accounts that show promise and allocate resources to those with the highest potential.
  • Improved ROI: By focusing on the most relevant stages for intervention, drive higher conversion rates and better allocate your marketing budget.

How does this template work

The ABM Funnel Template leverages two critical metrics: ABM Funnel and ABM Funnel Snapshot. These metrics collectively provide a dynamic view of account movement through your marketing and sales funnel, offering insights on:

  • The number of accounts at each stage of the ABM process.
  • Historical data on how accounts move over time, allowing for trend analysis and strategic planning.
  • Snapshot views that help understand the current funnel status, enabling timely decision-making and strategy adjustments.


How can I identify accounts that are stalled in the ABM funnel?

By analyzing the ABM Funnel Snapshot metric, you can pinpoint accounts that have remained in a particular stage longer than expected, allowing for targeted intervention.

Can this template help align sales and marketing efforts?

Yes. By providing a clear view of account progression, both teams can coordinate their efforts more effectively, ensuring that marketing nurtures leads at the top of the funnel and sales focuses on ready-to-convert accounts.

How often should I review the ABM funnel?

Regular reviews, at least on a monthly basis, are recommended to adapt strategies promptly and address any emerging challenges or opportunities.

Can I use this template to measure the success of specific ABM campaigns?

Absolutely. By segmenting funnel data based on specific campaigns, you can assess their impact on account progression and refine your ABM strategies accordingly.


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