Drive powerful GTM strategies in real-time

Ensure optimal performance by gaining complete clarity
into what is and isn’t working in your GTM plans.

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Drive powerful go-to-market 
strategies in real-time

Strengthen your topline revenue metrics

Drill down into your topline metrics on multiple dimensions to discover ways to improve revenue efficiency and future growth, while monitoring performance across the entire go-to-market value chain.

What ARR trends can we leverage to improve our bottom line?
How well are we doing in terms of retention for each segment?
How can we increase revenue per account for specific products?
Where do we have revenue bottlenecks and why are they happening?

Streamline your customer retention process

Discover how your company is doing when it comes to retaining its existing customers, and the best ways to improve metrics such as customer health, revenue growth and account expansion.

How well are we doing in terms of logo and dollar retention?
Why are retention rates falling for specific products, regions, etc.?
How can we improve retention rates to meet our revenue goals?
NDR - Net Dollar Retention
Cohort analysis
Logo retention

Build GTM reports for all cadences in real-time

Proactively drive revenue with real-time reports and plans for all cadences including weekly forecasts, monthly review, QBRs, financial trend analysis, annual planning, board meetings, and many more.

What are the most updated revenue forecasts per region?
How are we doing on achieving our various GTM targets?
What changes do we see in bookings over the past quarters?
Which trends can we show our board to validate our GTM plans?
ARR waterfall
Average sales price 
Take control of your business data.
Make the right strategic decisions.