Unlock Simplicity in GTM Analytics and Reporting

Gain autonomy and start quickly using our easy-to-use, pre-built metric templates.
Access critical insights and trends hidden in your siloed data sources
Minutes from implementation to results

Results in a few clicks

Built for business users, no code required

Built for business users, no code required

Can easily integrate into your BI tech stack or standalone

Can integrate with any BI stack

Harness the power of real-time insights.

Quick start.

Low touch, easy deployment paired with automation ensures fast results across any interface of your choice. Build reports and dashboards in just a few clicks to gain 24/7 visibility and clarity.

Total autonomy.

Our self-service capabilities ensure that any user can perform any type of ad hoc analysis they need, on their own, without assistance from BI teams, analysts, or data engineers.

Immediate insights.

One-click insights enable you to acquire all the real-time revenue intelligence you need in seconds. Simply ask your business question, click on the corresponding metric, and voila, you’ve got the answers you need instantly.

Learn about
Metrics & Templates

Get pre-built templates that include the most common GTM metrics.  Simply select a template or metric, connect your data, and voila, visualizations and insights in seconds.

Learn about Metrics & Templates

From implementation to results
in seconds, not months.

Designed for GTM teams to easily handle ad hoc requests and quickly gain valuable insights

Choose a metric template

Access real-time insights in seconds

Connect your data

Connect your data

Access instant analytics

Deep dive into any performance indicator

Check out some more of our features below:

Ad hoc analysis
Ad hoc analysis
Get instant access to revenue metrics and business insights on your own, in seconds.
Dynamic metrics
Dynamic metrics
Leverage our metric layer to gain access to trends, dynamic filters, and comprehensive breakdowns
Set targets
Set targets
Easily set targets and goals for any metric of your choice. Immediately identify if you’re on track or not.
Excel + G Suite
Excel + G Suite
Continue your workflow into any reporting or BI visualization tools of your choice.
Cross-Object Analysis
Cross-Object Analysis
Sightfull offers cross-object analysis for insightful data comparisons across related objects.
Data model agnostic
Direct Integration
Connect directly to your CRM or marketing automation and support all data models, including custom objects. No separate data warehouse is required.
Proactive Alerts
Proactive Alerts
Get alerts as soon as we identify a time-sensitive revenue trend or anomaly.
No code required
No code required
Sightfull is built for business users, no coding (SQL or Python) or special tech skills required.
BI or No BI, we fit :)
BI or No BI, we fit :)
Whether you’ve already implemented a BI process or not, we’ll fit right into what you’ve got.

Why choose Sightfull?

Ty Hurner, Corporate Controller at OPSWAT
Ty Hurner
Corporate Controller

Before Sightfull, we were frustrated with having to use spreadsheets to manage our highly complex ARR, NDR and GDR calculations. None of the solutions we tried came even close to what Sightfull offers SaaS companies with their highly innovative approach to automating metric calculations and tools to identify data hygiene issues.

The Sightfull platform has become our most widely used data analysis and visualization solution with people across OPSWAT using it regularly, including finance, product, sales and more. It allows everyone to break down the data across our entire product portfolio at such a granular level that they know exactly how they’re doing without having to ask for assistance from data analysts.

Hila Lebenthal, VP FP&A, Wiz
Hila Lebenthal

The Sightfull platform was up and running very fast with very little effort required on our end. Even better, it almost immediately added lots of value by providing complete visibility to our business data, dashboards with automatically calculated KPIs, and insights which highlighted issues in our data hygiene we were not aware of.


Take control of your business data.
Make the right strategic decisions.