Strong Security

Designed with security in mind

Sightfull’s founders come from the cybersecurity industry so your infosec and compliance teams can rest easy.

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Secure access to all your critical metrics - direct, immediate, seamless.
Secure access to all your critical metrics - direct, immediate, seamless.

Considering our founders’ cybersecurity background, it is not surprising that they built the platform with the security of our customers’ data as one of their top priorities. We adhere to industry-leading standards while connecting, loading and analyzing data from your data sources, allowing our customers to employ first-grade revenue analytics without compromising data security.

Sightfull has been designed holistically to guarantee a high level of security across our product and internal team. We leverage established standards and protocols to ensure best-in-class security controls. Sightfull also has SOC2 certification so that your IT and compliance teams can rest assured that all the necessary controls are in place in terms of security, availability and confidentiality.

SOC2 certified for your information security peace of mind.
SOC2 certified for your information security peace of mind.

Why choose Sightfull?

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I love working with Sightfull! We used to have to juggle dozens of different spreadsheets, and now our work is far easier since we have a single source of truth, one place where we can access all the data we need.

The Sightfull team's support and expertise has been outstanding, everything from their deep understanding of how SaaS works to their quick turnaround on helping us pull together the dashboards we need.

Helen Prototapas, VP Finance, VAST Data
Helen Protopapas
VP Finance

Sightfull has become our most widely used data analysis and visualization solution with people across the company using it regularly, including finance, product, sales and more. 

It allows everyone to manage our highly complex ARR, NDR and GDR metrics and break down the data across our entire product portfolio at such a granular level that they know exactly how they’re doing without having to ask for assistance from data analysts.

Ty Hurner, Corporate Controller at OPSWAT
Ty Hurner
Corporate Controller

The Sightfull platform was up and running very fast with very little effort required on our end.

Even better, it almost immediately added lots of value by providing complete visibility to our business data, dashboards with automatically calculated KPIs, and insights which highlighted issues in our data hygiene we were not aware of.

Hila Lebenthal, VP FP&A, Wiz
Hila Lebenthal
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