Boost efficient revenue growth with data-driven decisions at scale.

Quickly and accurately get the 360° cross-funnel view you need to manage your SaaS revenue operations in real-time across the entire customer life cycle.

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Increase operational efficiency

Gain proactive insights into your funnel

Analyze your entire funnel - complete visibility from lead generation through opportunity conversion to customer renewal - for the insights you need to ensure that your activities are optimized at every touchpoint.

How well are our leads and opps converting across the funnel? 
How long does each stage take and why do some take longer?
Where do we have revenue bottlenecks and why are they happening?
How can we improve per region, segment, product, industry, etc.?
Conversion rates
Progression rates
Sales funnel by cohort

Optimize the efficiency of your operations

Improve your operational efficiency with a full and accurate picture of key financial metrics that enables you to easily identify ways to leverage growth opportunities and fix revenue bottlenecks.

What can we do to reduce our CAC for certain products?
What steps can we take to improve our sales efficiency?
What activities should we invest in to grow efficiently?
What revenue trends can we leverage to maximize runway?
CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost)
Magic number and rule of 40
Burn rate and runway

Supercharge your entire sales pipeline

Investigate your end-to-end sales process in order to understand exactly what is and isn’t working across the entire sales pipeline, and what long- and short-term changes will have a positive impact on it.

How good are our sales teams at generating new pipeline?
How healthy is our pipeline and how has it evolved over time?
Why don’t we have enough pipeline and what can we do about it?
Are we generating the right pipeline in specific customer segments?
Pipeline waterfall
Average Sales Cycle Length
Duration in Stage - Snapshot
Take control of your business data.
Make the right strategic decisions.