Sightfull AI

Unlock immediate insights with Sightfull AI, Sightfull’s Generative AI assistant designed to provide contextually relevant answers to all your business questions.
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What is Sightfull AI?

Sightfull AI empowers businesses with the fusion of generative AI and their own business data, enabling them to make smarter and more informed business decisions.
Metric expertise

Metric expertise

Leverage Sightfull's metric expertise in revenue, finance, sales, and marketing KPIs. Ensure you are getting the most reliable view to your business's health.
Speed and efficiency

Speed and efficiency

Sightfull AI offers instant insights into your business’ health and performance, surpassing slow traditional methods that take hours or even days.
Speak in your language

Speak in your language

NLP capabilities allow users to phrase their business questions naturally. Combining this with Sightfull’s metrics provides users with the most comprehensive answers.
Sightfull AI leverages your entire dataset in addition to relying on your metrics and visualizations.
Ask questions about the KPI you are investigating and receive targeted answers specifically for your business.
Ask any
Sightfull AI helps users ask critical business questions naturally, using their preferred language and style, thanks to NLP.
Look to the stars.

Look to the stars.

Simply click on the stars and start enjoying the power of AI-driven insights.