Account Funnel Snapshot

The total number of accounts found in the each stage of the account funnel at the end of the period.

What is the Account Funnel Snapshot metric?

The Account Funnel Snapshot provides a comprehensive overview of the entire Account-Based Marketing funnel at a given moment. It visualizes the flow and status of target accounts as they progress through different stages of the marketing and sales funnel, from initial awareness to closing the deal.

Why is the Account Funnel Snapshot important?

An Account Funnel Snapshot is crucial for several reasons:

  • Strategic Insight: It offers immediate clarity on the health and effectiveness of your ABM strategy, showing where accounts are concentrated within the funnel.
  • Actionable Focus: By identifying accounts stuck at specific stages, teams can focus on targeted interventions to move them forward.
  • Resource Allocation: Helps in prioritizing efforts and resources on funnel stages that require more attention or have a higher impact on revenue.

How is the Account Funnel Snapshot created?


Creating an Account Funnel Snapshot involves aggregating data on target accounts, their leads and opportunities, and categorizing them based on their current stage in the sales funnel. This typically includes stages such as:

  1. Targeted - accounts with no engaged leads yet
  2. Engaged - one or more of the account leads has been engaged
  3. [Lead stages] - account leads are qualified, accepted, worked and converted
  4. Opportunity - the account has an active new business opportunity
  5. [Sales funnel stages] - account opportunities move through the sales funnel
  6. Closed-Won - the account has successfully become a customer
  7. Renewal - the account has an active renewal opportunity

The specific stages of the ABM funnel may vary based on the organization's sales process and customer journey. The required stages to track can be customized based on the specific needs and goals of the ABM program.


While there's no direct formula for creating an Account Funnel Snapshot, it essentially involves:

  • Collecting data on all accounts within the ABM program.
  • Categorizing each account according to its stage at the end of the chosen time period.
  • Visualizing the data in a funnel chart to represent the distribution of accounts across the funnel at each point-in-time.

Essentially the snapshot is created according to the following formula: Account Funnel Snapshot (stage) = \# (Accounts in Stage at period-end) Where "Accounts in Stage" are:

Accounts whose most advanced lead / opportunity entered stage before the end of the chosen time period and exited the stage after.


The Account Funnel Snapshot is often visualized using a funnel chart, which helps in quickly understanding the flow and conversion rates at each stage of the funnel.

Also known as: Funnel Stage SnapshotABM Funnel OverviewAccount Journey SnapshotMarketing Funnel DistributionFunnel Status Report

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Account Funnel Snapshot
Account Funnel Snapshot
The total number of accounts found in the each stage of the account funnel at the end of the period.
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