New Feature Release: Meet Sightfull AI - Your AI-Powered Assistant

Daniel Meirov
Daniel Meirov
Dec, 12, 2023

During this past year, AI has become an integral part of the SaaS professional’s toolkit. This makes perfect sense as AI helps businesses and business users increase their productivity and efficiency, improve their decision-making, and much more. In fact, not leveraging the power of AI in the tools, solutions, and platforms of your choice could be detrimental to your business’ health and your own departmental goals and KPIs - especially when it comes to dissecting, analyzing, and implementing your data analytics and analysis.  

AI has the capability to process vast amounts of data more quickly and accurately than humans can. Without AI, businesses may miss out on valuable insights that could help them make more informed decisions. This is where Sightfull AI comes in- to ensure that you and your business avoid these misses and help in making AI-driven decisions. 

Meet Sightfull AI

Meet Sightfull AI

We’re thrilled to announce the release of our greatest Generative AI feature yet: our Sightfull AI assistant. Sightfull AI offers comprehensive insights for your business by utilizing both internal and external data, providing contextual answers that enable stronger decision-making, with tailored insights to meet your unique business needs.

By leveraging Sightfull AI in your data analytics, you can:

  • Quickly analyze large amounts of data
  • Identify patterns and trends
  • Automate repetitive tasks

This frees up time to focus on more complex tasks and ultimately drives business growth.

Why Sightfull AI?

Sightfull AI is not just another addition to our platform; it's a transformative leap into the future of data-driven decision-making. Here's why Sightfull AI is poised to revolutionize the way you interact with your business metrics and analytics.

Metric Expertise

Sightfull AI is your gateway to metric expertise across critical domains such as revenue, finance, sales, and marketing KPIs. With our AI assistant, you can trust that you're accessing the most reliable insights, ensuring a comprehensive and accurate view of your business's health.

Speed and Efficiency

In a world where time is of the essence, Sightfull AI stands out for its speed and efficiency. Say goodbye to waiting hours or even days for insights. Our AI assistant delivers instant, real-time answers, empowering you to make swift, informed decisions.

Speak in Your Language:

We believe that the best insights come from natural questions. With Sightfull AI's Natural Language Processing (NLP) capabilities, you can phrase your business questions just as you would in a conversation. Sightfull AI understands your language, making interactions intuitive and effortless.

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Key Features

Sightfull AI differs from other visualization and dashboard solutions out there. In addition to the Sightfull platform being a metrics-driven platform, we’ve made sure to create an AI-assistant that gives you the whole picture and not just a fragmented look at your business’ health. 

  • 360°context: Sightfull AI leverages your entire dataset in addition to relying on your metrics and visualizations.
  • Specific answers: Ask questions about the KPI you are investigating and receive targeted answers specifically for your business.
  • Ask any business question: 
    Sightfull AI helps users ask critical business questions naturally, using their preferred language and style, thanks to NLP.

How it Works

The Sightfull AI assistant appears on every metric page in the Sightfull platform. Whether you’re looking for quick insights on your Rolling ARR, Slipped Pipeline Waterfall, Sales Funnel Win Rate, or any other GTM metric, we’ve got you covered. 

Pipeline Creation in Sightfull AI blog

  1. Choose a GTM SaaS metric from Sightfull’s robust metric catalog

Metric Catalog

  1. Click on the little stars to open the Sightfull AI assistant

AI assistant

Meaningful questions

  1. Ask meaningful questions about the metric you are observing

Meaningful questions 2

  1. Voila! Get instant AI-driven answers and results that you can share with your colleagues or board

AI driven answers

Sightfull AI Beta Questions:

  • Help! I have a meeting with my boss in a few minutes and need to update them on the status of our pipeline creation. Can you please summarize it for me and provide additional insights to share?
  • Can you provide a breakdown of the average sales cycle length by main product?
  • Can you identify any specific regions or markets where sales velocity is particularly high or low?
  • Which salesperson has the highest bookings for the X timeframe?
  • Are there any outliers or anomalies in the current average sales price data?
  • How does the campaign contribution to pipeline compare to the previous month/quarter?
  • Please provide me with ideas on how to improve my pipeline conversion.

Future Plans

The Sightfull AI assistant is just the beginning in a series of powerful Generative AI-features that Sightfull is planning to enhance and amplify the value it provides its users across the platform.


Have a business need or question but unsure of which metric will give you the answers you need? No worries. We're currently exploring the potential for a feature which will enable you to easily converse with the Sightfull AI assistant and discover which metrics you should be using just by letting it know what you’re interested in.

Productivity helper: 

We’re also working on a feature that will help increase your productivity and efficiency when it comes to working with the Sightfull platform. Whether you’re looking to instantly create a holistic dashboard that demonstrates sales rep performance or find better metric views to present to your colleagues, we’ll ensure the power of AI enables you to do all this and more.

And much more!

Final Thoughts

Sightfull AI will make a world of a difference when it comes to analyzing and executing your data analysis and AI-driven decisions. In addition to being super easy to use, getting incredibly fast time-to-value, and increasing productivity and efficiency, Sightfull AI also ensures that you stay at the forefront of data-driven decision-making. As we continue to navigate a business landscape that is becoming increasingly complex and data-intensive, having a reliable partner like Sightfull AI is crucial.

Incorporating Sightfull AI into your data analytics toolkit means harnessing the power of cutting-edge technology to gain insights, identify trends, and automate tasks. It empowers you to make informed decisions swiftly and accurately, giving you a competitive edge in today's fast-paced business environment.

Moreover, Sightfull AI doesn't just provide generic insights; it's your personalized metric expert, offering context-specific answers tailored to your unique business needs. This level of customization and precision can be a game-changer in achieving your departmental goals and KPIs.

With its Natural Language Processing capabilities, Sightfull AI makes it effortless to interact with your data, allowing you to ask questions just as you would in a conversation. This natural, intuitive interaction streamlines the decision-making process and fosters collaboration within your organization.

In conclusion, Sightfull AI is more than just a tool; it's a strategic partner for your business. It empowers you to harness the full potential of AI, enabling you to unlock hidden insights, improve efficiency, and make data-driven decisions with confidence. As the business landscape continues to evolve, Sightfull AI will be your trusted companion in navigating the complexities and seizing the opportunities that lie ahead. Embrace the future of data-driven decision-making with Sightfull AI, and watch your business thrive.

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Meet Sightfull AI - Your AI-Powered Assistant

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