Webinar on-demand: Unlocking the power of Salesforce data modeling

Watch this webinar to discover which Salesforce data models best fits your company’s current and future needs.

RevOps professionals rely heavily on Salesforce, but occasionally they can face frustrations with getting the platform to work for them. ‍Poor initial setup can lead to unreliable revenue data, as well as insufficient and even inaccurate reporting.  

Which Salesforce data model you decide to use has a HUGE impact on your ability to thoroughly understand and fully leverage your business data. In this webinar, Nati Beeri (VP of Data at Sightfull) and Demar Amacker (Senior Director of Business Operations at Zift Solutions):

  • Explain why Salesforce data models are so important
  • Describe three suitable models for revenue operations
  • Help you choose the one that is right for your company   

We also wrote a comprehensive guide on this subject which includes everything reviewed in the webinar as well as a lot more practical advice on implementing Salesforce data models. Click here to download the ebook.