Strategic insights

Quickly get your business questions answered at scale.

Discover exactly what is and isn’t working across the business by drilling down into the data at a highly granular level. Find the root causes for any friction points in the revenue stream so you can quickly make the right adjustments.

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Easily analyze your data at a highly granular level from leads to renewals.
Easily analyze your data at a highly granular level from leads to renewals.

Make smart business decisions in real time by slicing and dicing your metrics on multiple dimensions - region, product, customer type and more. For example, you can quickly advance from asking "what’s my NDR?" to "what’s my NDR by segment?" to "why is my NDR for SMBs decelerating?" to taking corrective action. Thanks to the platform's full autonomy and high level of flexibility, there’s no need to ask analysts to run queries and build reports for you anymore! 

Clear and accurate data visualizations help you understand the full business picture over time. Easily discover critical trends, risk indicators and actionable insights, such as which GTM strategies are paying off and which ones aren’t working as well as expected. Drill down deeply into real-time performance data to discover the root causes for any gaps in the revenue flow, and then quickly make course corrections before it’s too late.

Discover what isn’t working so you can quickly adjust your revenue strategies.
Discover what isn’t working so you can quickly adjust your revenue strategies.
Fully autonomous
Fully autonomous

No need to ask data analysts for help.

Fully integrated
Real-time updates

Revenue metrics continuously updated.

Fully automated

Data collected from all revenue systems.

All SaaS models
SaaS-first metrics

Models based on industry standards.

Actionable insights
Actionable insights

Drive growth and efficiency at scale.

Results at scale
Results at scale

All your revenue questions answered.

Why choose Sightfull?


Before Sightfull, we were frustrated with having to use spreadsheets to manage our highly complex ARR, NDR and GDR calculations. None of the solutions we tried came even close to what Sightfull offers SaaS companies with their highly innovative approach to automating metric calculations and tools to identify data hygiene issues.

The Sightfull platform has become our most widely used data analysis and visualization solution with people across OPSWAT using it regularly, including finance, product, sales and more. It allows everyone to break down the data across our entire product portfolio at such a granular level that they know exactly how they’re doing without having to ask for assistance from data analysts.

Ty Hurner, Corporate Controller at OPSWAT
Ty Hurner
Corporate Controller

The Sightfull platform was up and running very fast with very little effort required on our end. Even better, it almost immediately added lots of value by providing complete visibility to our business data, dashboards with automatically calculated KPIs, and insights which highlighted issues in our data hygiene we were not aware of.

Hila Lebenthal, VP FP&A, Wiz
Hila Lebenthal
Take control of your business data.
Make the right strategic decisions.