Practical Guide to Unlocking the Power of Salesforce Data Modeling

Deploying a data model that supports SaaS analytics is key to fully leveraging your business data

This practical guide is intended to help SaaS revenue teams unlock the full value of their business data by setting up the Salesforce data model that is right for them. The data model companies utilize (i.e., how their business data is structured and governed) has a huge impact on the type of revenue analytics they will be able to run, as well as its sophistication and results.   

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution so finding the data model that is right for you will depend on your company and its specific needs. The techniques and best practices included in this document will help you navigate that decision process, outlining the benefits and features, as well as the complexity and overhead costs, of the three basic types of SFDC data models that are tailored to the needs of SaaS companies.

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