Real-time data

Rapid, accurate and clean integration
of all your revenue-critical data.

The Sightfull platform maps, aligns and models all your revenue data within hours and then keeps it continuously updated with real-time data.

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Everything that happens in your business is connected.
Everything that happens in your business is connected.

It’s almost impossible to uncover all the hidden correlations and causations that exist in vast amounts of revenue data using today’s manual time- and resource-intensive processes. To solve this very difficult problem, the Sightfull platform combines proprietary graph models, semantic layers and pre-built connectors to create and maintain relationships between business data objects in a way that other systems simply cannot do.

After collecting all your revenue data, Sightfull’s unique data transformation engine cleans and normalizes it so the platform can run the necessary calculations and visualize them as multi-dimensional metrics. Our unique SaaS-centric models are used to map the impact of business events on various metrics and on other parts of the business, which results in a comprehensive real-time picture of your company’s revenue-centric story.

The ‘secret sauce’ behind the Sightfull platform.
secret sauce
Rapid collection
Rapid collection

Gathers your revenue data within hours.


Continuous mapping of real-time data.

Fully integrated
Fully integrated

Maps all data systems and sources.

Fully automated
Fully automated

Ensures the data is clean and validated.

All SaaS models
All SaaS models

Models based on industry standards.

Accurate reporting
Accurate reporting

Reduces errors with precise data hygiene.

Real-time data hygiene alerts.

Revenue data is not always clean due to input errors, alignment discrepancies, missing data or field anomalies. Since it is very hard to detect all these errors, an orderly data hygiene process is required to ensure that revenue metrics accurately reflect the actual business picture. After the Sightfull platform collects the data, it uses logic models to audit, validate and reconcile it, and then alerts users in real time to data inconsistencies that need to be fixed in order to ensure accurate decision-making processes.

Improving the data hygiene process

Why choose Sightfull?


Before Sightfull, we were frustrated with having to use spreadsheets to manage our highly complex ARR, NDR and GDR calculations. None of the solutions we tried came even close to what Sightfull offers SaaS companies with their highly innovative approach to automating metric calculations and tools to identify data hygiene issues.

The Sightfull platform has become our most widely used data analysis and visualization solution with people across OPSWAT using it regularly, including finance, product, sales and more. It allows everyone to break down the data across our entire product portfolio at such a granular level that they know exactly how they’re doing without having to ask for assistance from data analysts.

Ty Hurner, Corporate Controller at OPSWAT
Ty Hurner
Corporate Controller

The Sightfull platform was up and running very fast with very little effort required on our end. Even better, it almost immediately added lots of value by providing complete visibility to our business data, dashboards with automatically calculated KPIs, and insights which highlighted issues in our data hygiene we were not aware of.

Hila Lebenthal, VP FP&A, Wiz
Hila Lebenthal
Take control of your business data.
Make the right strategic decisions.