Proactive alerts

Discover issues that put your revenue growth at risk.

Sightfull monitors all business data in real-time, alerting you as soon as it identifies a time-sensitive revenue trend or anomaly before it’s too late to adjust your go-to-market strategies.

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Automated monitoring of all your revenue metrics in real-time.
Automated monitoring of all your revenue metrics in real-time.

The platform automatically monitors all your SaaS metrics in real-time and reviews every possible business question. Receive alerts whenever anomalies, variances and correlations are detected deep inside your data to make sure you never miss any revenue trends, both positive and negative. Then quickly adjust your GTM strategies by either leveraging these patterns or making course corrections.

Imagine a virtual analyst that truly understands your business drilling down into all your real-time metrics on multiple dimensions. It then translates everything it discovers into easy-to-use visualizations that show patterns over time so you can quickly see what is and isn’t working. Get notified whenever time-sensitive problems are found — strategic issues that you otherwise wouldn’t have known about until it was too late to fix them.

Discover time-sensitive business problems while you can still fix them.
Discover time-sensitive business problems while you can still fix them.
Fully autonomous
Proactive insights

Alerts on any trends that impact revenue.

Fully integrated
Real-time monitoring

All business data from multiple sources.

Fully automated
Results at scale

Reviews every possible GTM question.

All SaaS models
Analyst in a box

Dynamic processing = no missed gaps.

Saas-first analysis
SaaS-first analysis

Based on standards and best practices.

Results at scale
Fully autonomous

No need to ask data analysts for help.

Why choose Sightfull?

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I love working with Sightfull! We used to have to juggle dozens of different spreadsheets, and now our work is far easier since we have a single source of truth, one place where we can access all the data we need.

The Sightfull team's support and expertise has been outstanding, everything from their deep understanding of how SaaS works to their quick turnaround on helping us pull together the dashboards we need.

Helen Prototapas, VP Finance, VAST Data
Helen Protopapas
VP Finance

Sightfull has become our most widely used data analysis and visualization solution with people across the company using it regularly, including finance, product, sales and more. 

It allows everyone to manage our highly complex ARR, NDR and GDR metrics and break down the data across our entire product portfolio at such a granular level that they know exactly how they’re doing without having to ask for assistance from data analysts.

Ty Hurner, Corporate Controller at OPSWAT
Ty Hurner
Corporate Controller

The Sightfull platform was up and running very fast with very little effort required on our end.

Even better, it almost immediately added lots of value by providing complete visibility to our business data, dashboards with automatically calculated KPIs, and insights which highlighted issues in our data hygiene we were not aware of.

Hila Lebenthal, VP FP&A, Wiz
Hila Lebenthal
Take control of your business data.
Make the right strategic decisions.