Received Emails

Number of emails received during the period.

What is the Received Emails metric?

The Received Emails activities metric measures the number of emails received by each user or team during a specified period. It provides insights into the volume of incoming electronic correspondence received by individuals or groups.

Why is the Received Emails metric important to measure?

Tracking the Received Emails metric is important for understanding the level of inbound communication and engagement experienced by individuals or teams. By monitoring the number of emails received, businesses can assess their level of interaction with clients, partners, and other stakeholders. This metric helps in gauging the effectiveness of communication channels and the overall interest in the organization's offerings or services.

Measuring the Received Emails metric enables managers to evaluate the responsiveness of individuals or teams to incoming inquiries, requests, or communication from external parties. It also helps in identifying trends and patterns in inbound communication, allowing for adjustments in resource allocation or workflow processes to improve responsiveness and customer satisfaction.

Overall, the Received Emails metric provides valuable insights into inbound communication dynamics and helps in optimizing communication strategies to enhance stakeholder engagement and satisfaction.

How is the Received Emails metric calculated?

The Received Emails metric is calculated by summing the total number of emails received by each rep during the specified period. This includes all incoming emails received from clients, partners, prospects, or other stakeholders.


Received Emails = ∑ (Number of Emails received by each Rep)

Also known as: Received Emails by Contact

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Received Emails
Number of emails received during the period.
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