Leads Qualified

The number of leads qualified during the period.

What is the Leads Qualified metric?

The Leads Qualified metric represents the number of leads that have reached a level of interest or engagement indicating they are more likely to become a customer. These leads have been analyzed and scored based on specific criteria such as their interaction with content, response to marketing efforts, and potential fit with the product or service. Marking a lead as qualified by marketing should indicate this lead matches your target audience profile or ICP.

Why is this metric important to measure?

Monitoring Leads Qualified provides insights into the quality of leads and how well marketing activities align with sales objectives. It helps in focusing efforts on the leads with higher conversion potential, improving alignment between marketing and sales teams, and efficiently utilizing resources to drive revenue growth.

How is this metric calculated?

Leads Qualified is calculated by tracking the number of leads that met predefined marketing-qualified criteria during the set time period. The qualification process could involve assessing lead behavior, engagement level, demographic information, or specific interactions with marketing materials. The precise criteria may vary by business and should be aligned with the sales process and customer profile. This metric relies on the defined lead object and a datetime field which represents when the lead became an MQL.


Leads Qualified = ∑(Leads with MQL date in the time period)

Also known as: Marketing Qualified LeadsLead Marketing QualificationNew MQLsMQL GenerationMQL Volume

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Leads Qualified
Leads Qualified
The number of leads qualified during the period.
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