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Leads Created

The Leads Created metric measures the volume of leads created during the time period.
Leads Qualified

What is the Leads Created metric?

The Leads Created metric tracks the count of newly acquired potential customers during a given time period. It offers a clear snapshot of how effective your lead generation efforts are.

Why is this metric important to measure?

Measuring Leads Created is vital to understand the effectiveness of marketing and sales initiatives. By monitoring this metric, businesses can gauge the success of specific campaigns, optimize their marketing strategies, and better align resources with opportunities for growth. It is an essential indicator of both marketing efficiency and potential revenue streams.

How is this metric calculated?

The Leads Created metric is calculated by counting the number of unique individuals or organizations that have made a first-time inquiry or engagement with the company during the specified time period. It relies on the defined lead object and the created date field which capture this information. This metric can be filtered to see the total number of marketing-created leads (MCLs).

Leads Created
∑(Leads created in the time period)
Also known as: New LeadsNew Leads CreatedLeads CreatedLeads SourcingLead Generation
Leads Qualified
Leads Created
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