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Leads Converted

Converted Leads measures the number of leads that have successfully converted to sales opportunities, reflecting the lead conversion rates.
Leads Converted

What is the Leads Converted metric?

The Leads Converted metric represents the number of leads that have moved beyond initial interest and engagement, entering the sales pipeline as legitimate opportunities. These are leads that have been evaluated and deemed to have sufficient potential to be pursued as potential sales, not necessarily culminating in a final sale or contract, showcasing the lead conversion rates.

Why is this metric important to measure?

Measuring Leads Converted provides insights into the efficiency of the transition from marketing efforts to sales engagement. It helps businesses identify which strategies are effectively turning leads into tangible opportunities, allowing for targeted optimization, better alignment between teams, and maximizing the potential for revenue generation through improved lead conversion rates.

How is this metric calculated?

The Leads Converted metric is calculated by counting the number of leads that were converted to sales opportunities during the time period. This involves tracking the leads through various stages of engagement and evaluating them against specific criteria that indicate a readiness to enter the sales process, thereby determining the lead conversion rates. This metric relies on the defined lead object and a field indicating the date leads were converted to an opportunity.

Leads Converted
∑(Leads converted to opportunities in the time period)
Also known as: Converted LeadsLead ConversionLead Cohort ConversionMarketing Opportunities
Leads Converted
Leads Converted
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