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Leads Accepted

Leads Accepted (aka SALs) denotes the number of leads that have been evaluated and accepted by the sales team as potential sales opportunities during a specific time period.
Leads Qualified

What is the Leads Accepted metric?

The Leads Accepted metric refers to the count of leads that have passed both marketing qualifications and have been assessed and accepted by the sales team (becoming sales accepted leads or SALs). These leads are considered to have a genuine potential to become customers and warrant further engagement by the sales team.

Why is this metric important to measure?

Measuring Leads Accepted ensures a seamless transition between marketing and sales, focusing on leads with a high conversion probability. It helps in optimizing the sales process by prioritizing high-quality leads, thereby enhancing efficiency, collaboration between teams, and potential revenue generation.

How is this metric calculated?

The Leads Accepted metric is calculated by counting the leads that the sales team has formally agreed to pursue during the set time period. This acceptance is based on an evaluation of the lead's readiness to buy, alignment with the product or service, and other criteria defined by both the marketing and sales departments. This metric relies on the defined lead object and a datetime field which represents when the lead became an SAL.

Leads Accepted
∑(Leads with SAL date in the time period)
Also known as: Sales Accepted LeadsLead Sales AcceptanceNew SALsSAL Generation
Leads Qualified
Leads Accepted
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