Campaigns Started

The number of campaigns that started during the period.

What is the Campaigns Started metric?

The Campaigns Started metric quantifies the total number of new marketing campaigns that were initiated within a given time frame. This metric serves as a barometer for the marketing department's activity level and its capacity to launch new initiatives, tracking the flow of campaign launches over time and across types of campaign (Social, Events, Content, etc.).

Why is the Campaigns Started important?

The importance of the Campaigns Started metric lies in its ability to:

  • Operational Insight: Offers a clear perspective on the marketing team's productivity and the volume of new campaign rollouts of different types, reflecting the team's agility and responsiveness to market opportunities or organizational needs.
  • Strategic Alignment: Helps assess whether the pace of campaign initiation aligns with strategic goals and market conditions, ensuring that marketing efforts are both proactive and reactive when necessary.
  • Resource Management: Indicates the allocation of creative and operational resources towards developing and launching new campaigns, highlighting the organization's commitment to maintaining a dynamic marketing strategy.

How is the Campaigns Started calculated?


Calculating Campaigns Started, involves identifying campaigns with a start date that falls within the selected reporting period: Campaigns Started = \# Campaigns Started in the period


Visualization of the Campaigns Started metric typically involves line charts or column / stacked-column graphs over time, allowing for easy comparison of campaigns across categories and different periods. This visual representation helps in quickly assessing trends in marketing activity levels and planning efficiency.

Also known as: Campaigns CreatedCampaigns InitiatedCampaign Launched in Period

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Campaigns Started
Campaigns Started
The number of campaigns that started during the period.
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