Campaigns Leads Touched

The number of leads touched by campaigns that started during the period.

What is the Campaign Leads Touched metric?

The Campaign Leads Touched metric quantifies the total number of unique leads that have interacted with marketing campaigns initiated within a given timeframe. This metric evaluates the extent of campaign influence, tracking how many leads have been engaged by various types of campaigns (Social, Events, Content, etc.), reflecting the campaigns' reach and engagement capacity.

Why is the Campaign Leads Touched important?

The Campaign Leads Touched metric is significant for multiple reasons:

  • Engagement and Reach: It measures the breadth of campaign influence on leads, indicating the success of campaigns in engaging with the target audience across different channels.
  • Strategic Engagement Insights: Understanding the number of leads touched by campaigns helps in assessing the effectiveness of engagement strategies, aligning campaign execution with overarching marketing objectives.
  • Optimization of Engagement Efforts: By identifying how well different campaigns engage leads, this metric guides the optimization of resource allocation and strategy refinement to enhance lead engagement and conversion rates.

How is the Campaign Leads Touched calculated?


The calculation of Campaign Leads Touched involves summing up the count of distinct leads that have been engaged by any touchpoint from campaigns starting within the selected reporting period: Campaign Leads Touched = ∑(Distinct Leads Engaged by Campaign)


Visualization for the Campaign Leads Touched metric often employs line charts or column/stacked-column graphs, categorizing leads based on the campaign that engaged them. This visual representation aids in comparing engagement levels across various campaign types and periods, providing insights into how different campaigns contribute to lead engagement and the overall effectiveness of marketing strategies.

Also known as: Campaign Influence on LeadsLeads Engaged with CampaignsCampaign Contact InfluenceCampaign Contacts ReachedLeads Reached

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Campaigns Leads Touched
Campaigns Leads Touched
The number of leads touched by campaigns that started during the period.
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