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Bookings and pipeline

Combining bookings quarter to date with open pipeline opportunities for the quarter.
Bookings and pipieline

What is bookings and pipeline?

Bookings and pipeline provides a consolidated view of closed won opportunities (bookings) and open opportunities (pipeline) within a specific quarter.

Why is bookings and pipeline important to measure?

This metric offers a holistic perspective on revenue generation. By integrating closed won deals and potential future opportunities, businesses gain a comprehensive understanding of where they can expect to be at the end of the quarter, and act accordingly.

How is bookings and pipeline calculated?

To calculate bookings and pipeline, sum the value of closed-won opportunities within the quarter to date. Then, add the total value of open pipeline opportunities with closed date in the quarter. You can decide to only include opportunities in advanced stages or forecast categories. The result represents the combined bookings and pipeline for the period.

Bookings and pipeline
∑( open opportunities with close date in the quarter )
Also known as:
Bookings and pipieline
Bookings and pipeline
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