Average Session Duration

The average duration of a session on the website

What is the Average Session Duration Metric?

Average Session Duration is a metric that measures the average length of time in seconds that visitors spend on your website during a single session. This metric offers crucial insights into user engagement and content effectiveness, indicating how well your site captures and retains the interest of your audience over time.

Why is the Average Session Duration Metric Important to Measure?

  • Assess User Engagement: A longer average session duration often signals higher engagement, suggesting that visitors find your content valuable and relevant.
  • Improve Content Strategy: Identifying pages with higher or lower average durations can guide content optimization, helping you focus on what works best for your audience.
  • Enhance User Experience: Understanding how long visitors stay can highlight areas for improving the user experience, potentially increasing session times and engagement.
  • SEO Optimization: Search engines may use session duration as an indicator of content quality, impacting your site's SEO performance and visibility.

How is the Average Session Duration Metric Calculated?

The Average Session Duration is calculated by averaging the session duration metric for all sessions during the time-period. This provides the average time spent per session, reflecting the overall engagement level of visitors with your site.


Average Session Duration (seconds) = AVG(Session Duration) for all sessions

Also known as: Average Time on SiteTime on Page

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Average Session Duration
The average duration of a session on the website
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