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Average sales price

The average amount of closed won opportunities (Bookings).
Average Sales Price

What is average sales price?

Average sales price, also known as average deal size, refers to the mean monetary value of closed won opportunities during a specific period. It represents the typical revenue generated from individual deals that have been successfully closed by the sales team.

Why is average sales price important to measure?

Tracking the average sales price is crucial for several reasons. First and foremost, it provides valuable insights into the revenue potential of the company's sales efforts. By understanding the average deal size, businesses can better forecast and plan their financials, set realistic revenue targets, and assess the overall health of their sales performance. Moreover, analyzing changes in the average sales price over time can reveal essential market trends and shifts in customer behavior. For instance, a significant increase in the average sales price may indicate successful upselling and cross-selling strategies or the acquisition of high-value clients. On the other hand, a declining average sales price might raise concerns about discounting practices or a shift in the customer base towards lower-priced offerings. Additionally, the average sales price can aid in sales team performance evaluation. It allows sales managers to identify top-performing representatives who consistently close high-value deals and those who might need additional support or training.

How is average sales price calculated?

To calculate the average sales price, you need to sum up the total value of all closed won opportunities and then divide that sum by the number of closed won deals for a specific period.

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Also known as: Average Deal SizeASPAverage Opportunity Price
Average Sales Price
Average sales price
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