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Average sales cycle length

The average length of the sales cycle (days), for all opportunities won in the period.
Average Sales Cycle Length

What is average sales cycle length?

The full sales cycle covers the entire process of managing the sales opportunity from when it was open to when it was won. The average sales cycle length metric measures the average number of days that opportunities were in active development before they were won. For each time period, this metric presents the average cycle length of opportunities won during that period.

Why is average sales cycle length important to measure?

Speed is a key factor in a successful and efficient sales pipeline. Sales leaders should aim to minimize the average length of the sales cycle in order to increase the efficiency of their teams. In addition, a shorter sales cycle is often linked to improved pipeline conversion and opportunity win rates.

How is average sales cycle length calculated?

For each period, the average sales cycle length is calculated by dividing the total sales cycle duration of all the opportunities won in that period by the total count of these opportunities.

Average sales cycle length
Total sales cycle duration in days of opportunities won in the period
Total number of opportunities won in the period
Also known as: Average Sales Cycle DurationAvergae Time to CloseAvergae Time to Close Won
Average Sales Cycle Length
Average sales cycle length
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