Average Pages per Session

The average number of pages viewed per session

What is the Average Pages per Session Metric?

Average Pages per Session represents the mean number of page views (or screen views in the context of apps) that occur within a session on your website. This metric, calculated by averaging the screenPageViewsPerSession values from Google Analytics 4 (GA4) for all sessions within a specific period, offers critical insights into user engagement and the effectiveness of your site structure in facilitating content discovery.

Why is the Average Pages per Session Metric Important to Measure?

  • User Engagement Insight: A higher average indicates that visitors are actively exploring your site, suggesting effective engagement with your content.
  • Navigation and Structure Optimization: This metric aids in evaluating the efficacy of your website's navigation design, prompting improvements to guide visitors through more of your content seamlessly.
  • Content Strategy Evaluation: Understanding the depth of content interaction helps refine content strategies to foster increased page views and longer sessions.
  • Enhanced User Experience: By analyzing how many pages visitors are consuming, you can identify opportunities to enhance the overall user experience, encouraging further engagement and exploration.

How is the Average Pages per Session Metric Calculated?

Instead of simply totaling page views over sessions, this metric specifically averages the screenPageViewsPerSession data points for all sessions during the given period in Google Analytics 4. This approach provides a nuanced view of user engagement by session, reflecting the average breadth of content interaction per visit.


Average Pages per Session = AVG(Pages per Session) for all sessions

Also known as: Pages per SessionUser Journey on WebsitePage Depth

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Average Pages per Session
The average number of pages viewed per session
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