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Sales funnel progression rate

Sales funnel progression rate

What is sales funnel progression rate?

The Sales Funnel Progression Rate metric provides an in-period indicator of success in developing opportunities through the funnel. 

Why is sales funnel progression rate important to measure?

For the purpose of calculating this rate, opportunities are counted as progressed from a sales funnel stage if: 

  1. The opportunity existed in the sales funnel stage at any point during the period
  2. The opportunity existed in any sales funnel stage that is more advanced; stages down-funnel or closed-won, but not closed-lost or previous stages. 

It is important to note opportunities can move from one stage to more advanced stages, sometimes skipping stages in between. For example, moving from stage 1 of the funnel directly to stage 3 or 4, and so on. Sales Funnel Progression Rate by Cohort is a cohort version of this metric. 

How is sales funnel progression rate calculated?

Rate metric

Sales Funnel Progression Rate compares the amount of opportunities that progressed in the funnel to the total amount of opportunities in the funnel stage.

Sales funnel progression rate (%)
Opportunities that progressed in the funnel during the period (#/$)
All opportunities that existed in the funnel stage during the period (#/$)

Funnel progression rate by cohort 

Rate metric 

Funnel progression rate by cohort measures the all-time progression rate of opportunities that entered each stage during the period. The numerator of this metric include all successful progressions to more advanced stages of the funnel at any point in time.

By cohort
Cohort opportunities (entered stage during period) that progressed in the funnel at any time after period (#/$)
All cohort opportunities (#/$)


These metrics enable evaluation of the efficiency or friction in the funnel.

Sales funnel progression rate example

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