Campaign MQLs

The number of leads sourced by campaigns that started during the period that were qualified.

What is the Campaign MQLs metric?

The Campaign MQLs metric measures the total number of Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) sourced by a specific campaign. This metric provides a clear view of a campaign's effectiveness in generating leads that meet the criteria to be passed on to the sales team for further engagement.

Why is the Campaign MQLs important?

The significance of the Campaign MQLs metric lies in its ability to:

  • Measure Lead Quality: Provides insight into the number of high-quality leads generated by a campaign that are ready for sales engagement.
  • Evaluate Campaign Effectiveness: Helps in assessing how well a campaign is performing in terms of attracting and converting potential customers into qualified leads.
  • Optimize Marketing Strategies: By understanding which campaigns generate the most MQLs, marketers can refine their strategies to focus on the most effective tactics and channels.
  • Support Sales Alignment: Ensures that marketing efforts are aligned with sales objectives by providing a steady stream of qualified leads for the sales team to pursue.

How is the Campaign MQLs calculated?


The Campaign MQLs is determined by counting the total number of MQLs that were sourced by a specific campaign: Campaign MQLs = Total Number of MQLs Sourced by Campaign


Visualization of the Campaign MQLs metric can be done using bar charts or line graphs to show the number of MQLs generated by different campaigns over time. This graphical representation aids in quickly identifying high-performing campaigns and understanding trends in lead generation, guiding strategic decisions in campaign planning and execution.

Also known as: Leads First Touched by CampaignLeads Sourced by CampaignCampaign Sourced LeadsCampaign Lead AcquisitionLead Generation by CampaignLead Creation by Campaign

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Campaign MQLs
The number of leads sourced by campaigns that started during the period that were qualified.
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