Campaign Cost per Opportunity

The cost per opportunity of campaigns that started during the period

What is the Campaign Cost per Opportunity metric?

The Campaign Cost per Opportunity metric measures the average amount spent to generate a single sales opportunity through a marketing campaign. It is calculated by dividing the total campaign cost by the number of opportunities created as a result of the campaign. This metric provides a clear view of the cost-effectiveness of marketing efforts in generating potential sales opportunities.

Why is Campaign Cost per Opportunity important?

Understanding the Campaign Cost per Opportunity is crucial for several reasons:

  • Efficiency Analysis: It helps businesses evaluate the financial efficiency of their marketing campaigns in generating sales opportunities, identifying which campaigns are the most cost-effective.
  • Budget Allocation: Insights from this metric enable marketing teams to optimize their budgets by investing more in campaigns that yield opportunities at a lower cost.
  • Strategic Planning: Analyzing this metric aids in making informed decisions about future marketing strategies, focusing on tactics that maximize ROI and opportunity generation efficiency.

How is Campaign Cost per Opportunity calculated?


The formula for calculating Campaign Cost per Opportunity is: Campaign Cost per Opportunity =Total Campaign CostNumber of Opportunities Created Where opportunities created are the number of opportunities sourced by the campaign. This straightforward calculation allows marketing teams to assess the cost of generating opportunities through specific campaigns, enabling better budget management and strategic planning.


Visualization of the Campaign Cost per Opportunity metric can be done using bar charts to display the total campaign cost and the number of opportunities created, along with a line graph to show the cost per opportunity across various campaigns or time periods. This helps in easily comparing the efficiency of different campaigns and making data-driven decisions to improve marketing performance.

Also known as: Campaign Cost per DealCampaign Spend per OpportunityCampaign Pipeline Acquisition Cost

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Campaign Cost per Opportunity
The cost per opportunity of campaigns that started during the period
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