ARR by Parent

The ARR for the period by active parent accounts.

What is ARR by Parent?

Annualized Recurring Revenue by Parent Accounts (ARR by Parent) is a pivotal metric in the SaaS industry, encapsulating the total Annualized Recurring Revenue at the close of a specific period. It zeroes in on the revenue contributions derived from individual deals that have been successfully secured by the sales team, providing a comprehensive snapshot of a company's revenue stream from recurring contracts.

The Importance of Measuring ARR by Parent

ARR by Parent stands as a cornerstone metric for any SaaS enterprise. It offers an unobstructed perspective on how revenue evolves over various timeframes, making it an indispensable component of executive dashboards and business reports. This metric serves as an ideal point of departure for in-depth analyses of business performance trends.

The measurement of ARR by Parent is crucial for several reasons:

  • Strategic Decision-Making: It provides insights critical for making informed strategic decisions, such as refining pricing strategies and understanding market segment potentials.
  • Sales Team Performance: Evaluating the impact of individual deals on overall revenue, ARR by Parent highlights the effectiveness of the sales team.
  • Market Opportunities: It assists in identifying lucrative opportunities for upselling and cross-selling, contributing to revenue growth and customer relationship enhancement.
  • Long-Term Planning: ARR by Parent is instrumental in long-term financial planning and forecasting, aiding in setting realistic revenue targets and growth strategies.

Calculating ARR by Parent

The calculation of ARR by Parent is straightforward but significant:

  • Annualization of Recurring Revenue: It involves aggregating the Annualized Recurring Revenue from all closed-won opportunities at the end of a specific period on an account level.


ARR by Parent = ∑ (Parent Accounts ARR at the end of the period) In essence, ARR by Parent provides a dynamic and comprehensive view of a company's recurring revenue health, making it an invaluable tool for gauging business sustainability and growth potential in the competitive landscape of SaaS enterprises.

Also known as: Rolling ARRARR by accounts

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ARR by Parent
The ARR for the period by active parent accounts.
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