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Campaign attribution (Pipeline)

The sum of pipeline opportunities influenced by campaigns (based on the attribution model selected). Campaigns are grouped into periods based on their starting date.
Campaign Attribution (Pipeline)

What is campaign attribution (Pipeline)?

The campaign attribution (Pipeline) metric, also known as pipeline attribution by campaign cohort, is a metric used to track and analyze the impact of marketing campaigns on pipeline development. It involves attributing generated pipeline to specific marketing campaigns based on their starting date. The process involves associating opportunities with the marketing campaigns that influenced or played a role in their development.

Why is it important to measure campaign attribution (Pipeline)?

Measuring campaign attribution to pipeline is essential for businesses, particularly in the SaaS industry, as it provides valuable insights into marketing performance and pipeline generation. This metric involves associating opportunities with specific marketing campaigns based on their starting date. By understanding which campaigns have the most significant impact on pipeline, companies can make data-driven decisions regarding their marketing strategies, allocate resources more efficiently, and optimize their messaging and targeting to attract a growing and diverse customer base.

Optimizing resource allocation is another advantage of measuring campaign attribution to pipeline. Businesses can direct their marketing efforts towards campaigns that have a higher influence on deals, preventing wastage of resources on underperforming initiatives. With a clear understanding of campaign effectiveness, companies can focus on maximizing return on investment and improving overall revenue growth.

How is campaign attribution (Pipeline) calculated?

The campaign attribution (Pipeline) is calculated by the summing the amount opportunities influenced by campaigns that started in the period, based on the attribution model selected.

Campaign attribution (Pipeline)
∑(Opportunities influenced by campaigns that started in the period)
Also known as: Pipeline Attribution by Campaign Cohort
Campaign Attribution (Pipeline)
Campaign attribution (Pipeline)
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