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Full year quota attainment

The value of achieved bookings so far in a year divided by the total annual quota.
Quota attainment YTD

What is Full year quota attainment?

Full year quota attainment quantifies the proportion of successfully closed opportunities (Bookings) attained within the ongoing year in relation to the overall annual sales target.

Why is full year quota attainment important to measure?

Monitoring Full year quota attainment provides insights into the extent of progress the team has made toward its goals throughout the year. By tracking full year quota attainment, sales leaders can proactively manage sales targets and adjust strategies as needed to bridge any gaps. It serves as a vital gauge for identifying patterns, assessing both individual and team achievements, and projecting potential revenue outcomes for the entire year.

How is Quota attainment full year calculated?

Full year quota attainment is computed by dividing the total value of achieved bookings in the current year by the annual sales quota. This yields a percentage that represents the progress made toward fulfilling the year's sales target.

Full year quota attainment (%)
Bookings YTD ($)
Full year quota ($)
Also known as: Quota attainment full yearQuota attainment
Quota attainment YTD
Full year quota attainment
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