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Lead Generation

A clear view of new lead generation.

Business questions

  • What sources, segments or regions are generating the most leads and impacting the lead funnel over time?
  • How is the number of leads we qualify and accept changing over time?
  • What is the current status or stage of leads generated in different time periods within the lead funnel?
  • What is the overall trend of new leads generated over time?
Monitor new lead generation over time and optimize how you source new leads. Find the trends and segements you need to know to increase lead volume and drive new pipeline. Analyze all your leads or filter any metric to explore only marketing created leads (MCLs).
The Sightfull Marketplace template helps monitor lead generation and progression through the lead funnel over time. It provides metrics on leads created, qualified, and accepted, and allows for breakdowns by source or segment. The template also includes metric filters to analyze specific groups of leads.
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Lead Generation

A clear view of new lead generation.
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