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Slipped pipeline quarterly

The amount of pipeline opportunities that slipped out of the quarter.
Slipped Pipeline quarterly

What is slipped pipeline quarterly?

Slipped pipeline tracks opportunities that were expected to close this quarter but were pushed back outside the quarter.

However, there are instances when these slipped opportunities are later brought back into the same quarter. This can happen due to various reasons, such as negotiations progressing faster than anticipated, the resolution of internal issues that caused the delay, or the availability of necessary resources aligning at the right time.

When an opportunity is brought back into the quarter after slipping, it represents a positive development for the sales team and the organization as a whole. It means that the necessary actions were taken to expedite the sales process and overcome the initial obstacles that caused the delay.

These are opportunities that had a close date in the quarter and now have a close date in the following quarters.

Why is slipped pipeline quarterly important to measure?

The slipped pipeline metric is important to measure because it:

  1. Enables accurate revenue forecasting by tracking delayed opportunities and informing resource allocation.
  2. Facilitates analysis of the sales process, identifying bottlenecks and areas for improvement.
  3. Allows performance comparison across quarters for setting targets and resource adjustments.
  4. Helps prioritize and manage opportunities that faced delays, increasing the chances of successful closure.
  5. Empowers data-driven decision making and strategy adjustments to mitigate future delays and optimize sales operations.

How is slipped pipeline quarterly calculated?

Slipped pipeline is a metric used to calculate the cumulative value of all opportunities that were originally expected to close within a given quarter but have been delayed beyond that timeframe. It tracks the total value of these slipped opportunities, which represents the potential revenue that was not realized as planned.

Slipped pipeline quarterly
∑( Opportunities that were in the starting pipeline and now have a close date in the following quarters )
Also known as:
Slipped Pipeline quarterly
Slipped pipeline quarterly
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