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Slipped pipeline QTD (historical comparison)

A historical comparison of opportunities with close date in the quarter that slipped out of the quarter.
Slipped pipeline qtd historical

What is slipped pipeline QTD (historical comparison)?

Slipped pipeline tracks opportunities that were expected to close this quarter (i.e., included in the starting pipeline) but were pushed to other quarters. It compares the behavior of the current quarter with the past four quarters.

Why is slipped pipeline QTD (historical comparison) important to measure?

Understanding the historical patterns of slipped pipeline is necessary for identifying recurring trends in delayed closures, which makes it difficult to accurately forecast bookings. It provides context for the behavior in the current quarter ("is $X good or bad?") and helps Revenue and Sales leaders identify emerging issues early and take action.

How is slipped pipeline QTD (historical comparison) calculated?

Slipped pipeline QTD (historical comparison) is calculated by adding up the value of opportunities that were originally scheduled to close in the quarter but were pushed to a different quarter. The current quarter is plotted against the same week in the past four quarters.

Slipped pipeline QTD (historical comparison)
∑( slipped opportunities QTD ) plotted against the last 4 quarters
Also known as: Period pipeline waterfall
Slipped pipeline qtd historical
Slipped pipeline QTD (historical comparison)
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