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Pulled in pipeline quarterly

The amount of pipeline opportunities that were pulled in, their close date changed to within the period.
Slipped Pipeline quarterly

What is pulled in pipeline quarterly?

Pulled in pipeline quarterly refers to opportunities that were initially projected to close in a future quarter but have been accelerated to close within the current period. This can occur due to various factors such as unexpectedly swift progress in negotiations, the prompt resolution of internal obstacles, or the timely availability of necessary resources. When an opportunity is pulled in, it signifies a positive development for the sales team and the organization as a whole. It indicates that proactive steps were taken to expedite the sales process, ultimately leading to a quicker winning rate of opportunities.

Why is pulled in pipeline quarterly important to measure?

Tracking pulled in pipeline is vital for allowing businesses to accelerate deals recognition by bringing in deals that were expected to close at a later period. It reflects the effectiveness of sales strategies and the ability to navigate potential roadblocks and provides a more accurate reflection of current quarter performance and revenue forecasts.

How is pulled in pipeline quarterly calculated?

Pulled in pipeline quarterly is calculated by summing the total value of opportunities whose close dates were originally set for future quarters but have been rescheduled to close within the current quarter.

Pulled in pipeline quarterly
∑( Opportunities that were not in the starting pipeline and now have a close date in the current quarter)
Also known as:
Slipped Pipeline quarterly
Pulled in pipeline quarterly
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