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Pipeline waterfall quarterly

Overview of the historical development of pipeline opportunities with close date in the period.
Pipeline waterfall quarterly

What is pipeline waterfall quarterly?

Pipeline Waterfall Quarterly provides a comprehensive overview of the development of sales opportunities within a specific quarter. It tracks the progression of the sales pipeline from its initial state at the beginning of the quarter, captures in-period changes such as newly added opportunities, pulled in deals, and slipped opportunities, and records the final outcomes of these opportunities, whether they were won or lost.

Why is pipeline waterfall quarterly important to measure?

Measuring Pipeline waterfall quarterly is critical for understanding the health and effectiveness of the sales pipeline. It helps businesses evaluate the efficiency of lead generation, deal progression, and conversion rates. By analyzing in-period changes, such as newly added opportunities and deal accelerations, businesses can identify trends and patterns that impact the pace of revenue generation and the overall sales cycle. Tracking the final outcomes of opportunities (whether they were won or lost) provides valuable insights into the sales team's performance and the quality of the leads generated during the quarter. Pipeline waterfall quarterly also allows businesses to evaluate the accuracy of their sales forecasting. By comparing the initial pipeline with the actual results, organizations can refine their forecasting models and set more accurate revenue targets for future quarters. Moreover, this metric is essential for sales managers and executives to make informed decisions, optimize resource allocation, and identify potential bottlenecks or areas for improvement within the sales process.

How is pipeline waterfall quarterly calculated?

To calculate Pipeline Waterfall Quarterly, you need to consider the following components:

  • Starting Pipeline: The total value of sales opportunities in the pipeline at the beginning of the quarter.
  • In-Period Changes: The changes that occur during the quarter, including newly added opportunities, pulled in or accelerated deals, and slipped opportunities.
  • Results: The final outcomes of opportunities within the quarter, whether they were won or lost.
  • Outside the Period: The results of opportunities that were won or lost outside the quarter but were part of the pipeline at the beginning of the quarter. When a pipeline is being mannaged correctly, this calulation shows how many more opportunities are still open untill the end of the quarter. And by looking at previous quarters the result of this calculation shold be close to 0, indicating all opportunities were handeled within the quarter (either slipped or won/lost).
Pipeline waterfall quarterly
Starting pipeline quarterly
New pipeline quarterly
Pulled in pipeline quarterly
Slipped pipeline quarterly
Lost pipeline quarterly
Won pipeline quarterly
Also known as: Period pipeline waterfall
Pipeline waterfall quarterly
Pipeline waterfall quarterly
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