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MQL-to-Customer Win Rate

MQL-to-Customer Win Rate calculates the proportion of MQLs that were ultimately closed-won and became customers.
MQL-to-Customer Win Rate

What is the MQL-to-Customer Win Rate metric?

The MQL-to-Customer Win Rate metric measures the success rate of converting Marketing Qualified Leads into actual sales or closed-won customers. It focuses on the leads that were deemed high-quality by marketing and tracks how many of these leads successfully navigated the sales process to become customers.

Why is this metric important to measure?

Measuring the MQL-to-Customer Win Rate provides critical insights into the effectiveness of the entire sales process, from lead qualification to closing a deal. It helps in evaluating the quality of marketing qualified leads as well as the success of the sales team is converting quality leads into customers. This metric can be helpful in identifying potential areas of improvement, and ensuring alignment between marketing qualification and actual sales performance.

How is this metric calculated?

The MQL-to-Customer Win Rate is calculated by dividing the number of MQLs that converted to closed-won customers by the total number of MQLs, for all leads that became marketing qualified in the time period. For example, if 100 MQLs were generated in March and 10 converted to opportunities that were ultimately closed-won, the MQL-to-Customer Win Rate in March would be 10%. This metric relies on the defined lead object, a date field that captures when the lead was marketing qualified and an ID field pointing to the converted opportunity. On the opportunity object, a closed-won date field is required.

Customer Win Rate (%)
Leads Qualified (MQLs) that converted to closed
won opportunities
Total Leads Qualified in the time period
Also known as: MQL Win RateMQL to Closed Won RateMQL-Customer Rate
MQL-to-Customer Win Rate
MQL-to-Customer Win Rate
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