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Bookings QTD

The amount of closed won opportunities so far in the quarter, broken down by weeks.

What are bookings QTD?

Bookings QTD provides a cumulative sum of closed won opportunities for each week in the quarter.

Why are bookings QTD important to measure?

Bookings QTD provides a "double click" on the bookings metric. By tracking bookings across weeks, Revenue and Sales leaders gain better understanding of the trajectory of the current quarter, and the typical behavior of bookings across quarters. This helps GTM organizations identify patterns in sales activity that may impact predictability and target attainment (e.g., consistently closing a large share of the deals in the last week). Using different filters and breakdowns helps teams understand sales trends by rep, region, product, and segment.

How are Bookings QTD calculated?

Bookings is the sum of all opportunities that were closed won up to the point in the quarter. Bookings QTD is calculated in weekly intervals. The metric can track the number of won deals (count), the amount of total contract value (TCV) or the amount of Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) of these opportunities.

Bookings QTD
∑( Closed won opportunities up to this week in the quarter )
Also known as: Closed Won Opportunities QTDWon Deals QTD
Bookings QTD
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