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Bookings QTD (historical comparison)

Comparing how bookings evolved in each of the past four quarters, by week.
Bookings QTD [Historical Comparison]

What is Bookings QTD (historical comparison)?

Bookings QTD (historical comparison) tracks the cumulative value of closed won opportunities so far in the quarter. It compares the progress of the current quarter with the past four quarters.

Why is Bookings QTD (historical comparison) important to measure?

By comparing the current quarter to previous quarters, sales managers and executives can identify trends and seasonality that impact predictability and target attainment. This metric allows businesses to assess the effectiveness GTM strategies during the quarter and adapt their sales and marketing efforts based on historical performance.

How is Bookings (historical comparison) calculated?

Bookings QTD (historical comparison) sums the total value of closed won opportunities up to that point in the quarter. The current quarter is plotted against the same week in the past four quarters.

Bookings QTD (historical comparison)
∑( closed won opportunities QTD ) plotted against the last 4 quarters
Also known as: Closed Won Opportunities QTD (historical comparison)Closed Won Deals QTD (historical comparison)
Bookings QTD [Historical Comparison]
Bookings QTD (historical comparison)
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