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Quota attainment YTD

The amount of bookings attained so far in the year divided by the overall quota year-to-date.
Quota attainment YTD

What is Quota attainment YTD?

Quota attainment year-to-date (YTD) calculates the ratio of closed-won opportunities (Bookings) achieved during the current year to the overall sales quota assigned up to this period.

Why is Quota attainment YTD important to measure?

Quota attainment YTD is used to track the performance of the sales team in meeting their periodical sales quotas on an ongoing basis. This metric offers insights into how well the team is progressing towards their targets over the course of the year. By monitoring Quota attainment YTD, sales leaders can take proactive measures to ensure that sales goals are on track and make necessary adjustments to strategies if there are any gaps. It's a key indicator for identifying trends, assessing individual and team performance, and forecasting potential revenue outcomes for the year.

How is Quota attainment YTD calculated?

Quota attainment YTD is calculated by dividing the total value of closed-won opportunities (Bookings) attained year-to-date by the overall quota assigned up to this period.

Quota attainment YTD (%)
Bookings YTD ($)
Quota YTD ($)
Also known as: Quota attainment year-to-dateQuota attainment YTD
Quota attainment YTD
Quota attainment YTD
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